Mission and Vision


Our Vision and Mission

With a strong connection to our Indian heritage, we believe in the power of design – a departure from our Indian competitors – and thus it’s our promise to provide you with a rich source of beauty and poise in your luxury kitchen.

We draw inspiration from innovation. Our deep understanding of industry technology allows us to bring you the most advanced kitchen systems.

From the freshest designs to the latest technological advancements, we’re always researching concepts and reinventing collections to keep your home on the cutting edge.

Our commitment is to excellence. Every kitchen collection is made in India by the most celebrated craftsmen in the world.

We refuse to compromise on integrity and strive to deliver style and ergonomics in a made-to-fit, state-of-the-art setting.

We also share responsibility for our environment. Our top of the line designs are created out of 100% post-consumption recycled wood and have the lowest level of formaldehyde in the industry.

Our work is our life, which is why we care about your home as much as you do. It’s our mission at Kitchen Point Lucknow to help you experience modern, European luxury in a kitchen that fits your individuality.